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Please do not reply to emails claiming that you have won money from the Alberta Lottery Fund or the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. Email scams are operating on the internet, claiming to be from organizations such as the “Alberta Lottery Fund & Lotto Max" or the “Canadian Lottery Online Lucky Program” or the "Alberta Lottery Fund & Prize America".

The Alberta Lottery Fund is not a lottery that people can win. It is a government agency in Alberta, Canada. It supports community-based organizations. The Alberta Lottery Fund does not award prizes.

International criminal groups operate many lottery-related scams. These criminals use the names of organizations such as the Alberta Lottery Fund or the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to make their schemes look legitimate. Legitimate lotteries do not email winners. They do not give prizes to random e-mail addresses, or ask winners to pay fees up front.

You can learn more about spam e-mail scams from the Canadian Consumer Handbook. Service Alberta also provides tip sheets at or call the Consumer Contact Centre toll-free at 1-877-427-4088.

2010/07/16 - Albertans warned lottery scam is a ticket to losing money



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