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Where the Money Goes
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Revenues from the Alberta Lottery Fund make a difference in the lives of all Albertans through allocations to 11 specific ministries in support of public initiatives, and to foundations and grant programs which directly support volunteer and community-based initiatives.

The revenue of the Lottery Fund is transferred to Treasury Board and Finance on behalf of the General Revenue Fund. The following is the estimate of Alberta Lottery Fund transfers for the 2015-16 fiscal year:

Ministry Transfers (2015-16 est.)

Aboriginal Relations

First Nations and Métis Relations .2 million
First Nations Development Fund (1) 128.0 million
  $ 128.2 million

Agriculture and Rural Development

Major Fairs and Exhibitions 18.1 million
Agricultural Service Boards 11.6 million
Agriculture Societies 8.7 million
Agriculture Initiatives 1.4 million
  $ 39.9 million

Culture and Tourism

Alberta Media Fund 25.8 million
Assistance to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts 26.6 million
Community Facility Enhancement Program 38.0 million
Community Initiatives Program 24.6 million
Other Initiatives 2.1 million
Assistance to Alberta Historical Resources Foundation 8.2 million
Assistance to the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation 22.0 million
Recreation and Physical Activity Services   -  
  $ 147.4 million


Transportation 150.0 million
Plant Operations and Maintenance 150.0 million
Operational Funding   -  
  $ 300.0 million

Environment and
Sustainable Resource Development

Parks Operations 10.0 million
Integrated Planning .5 million
  $ 10.5 million


AHS - Community and Population Health Services 769.0 million
  $ 769.0 million

Human Services

Training for Work 0.4 million
Family and Community Support Services 52.0 million
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Initiatives 12.0 million
Prevention of Family Violence 6.5 million
  $ 70.9 million

Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour

Settlement and Integration 4.6 million
  $ 4.6 million

Justice and Solicitor General

Assistance to the Human Rights Education
and Multiculturalism Fund
1.7 million
  $ 1.7 million


Provincial Highway Preservation 40.0 million
  $ 40.0 million

Treasury Board and Finance

Gaming Research 1.6 million
Horse Racing and Breeding Renewal Program (1) 28.0 million
Bingo Associations 6.0 million
Balance to General Revenue Fund   -  
  $ 35.6 million
TOTAL FUNDING $ 1.548 billion

(1) Lottery funding for the First Nations Development Fund and the Horse Racing and Breeding Renewal program represents the flow-through portion of net revenue from electronic gaming terminals at licensed First Nations casinos and horse racing tracks.
The remaining portion is allocated to other lottery funded programs.

Each year, the Lottery Fund Estimates p.242 are voted on in the provincial Legislature, ensuring transparency and full accountability.

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