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It's a good idea that the lottery fund helped with the Variety Children's Park. The park has a lot of water stuff like shower sprinklers. It has ramps for wheelchairs, and slides. I could go down the slide if my Mom helped me at the top and my Dad was at the bottom. I could ride my bike on a pathway there.

They've also built an Xs and Os board. You can turn it and stop it on X and if you're O, you can do the same thing.

What did I like best? The fact that I could do what I wanted to in the water. My playground at Renfrew School is fairly wheelchair-accessible, but I don't think other playgrounds are.

The park has a roofed area just in case it rains. There are a lot of picnic tables, so if you wanted to eat, I wouldn't worry. It would be fun to have a birthday party there.

Ben Thorne
Grade 4 Student with Cerebral Palsy.

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